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Clive Stafford Smith, OBE

Clive is a British attorney, specializing in international civil and human rights. He works against the death penalty in the United States of America, particularly in Louisiana, striving to overthrow Death Row convicts’ sentences. He has successfully taken 5 cases to the US Supreme Court, and he also offers assistance to prisoners of Guantánamo Bay. He married Emily Bolton in 1998, and founded the London-based human rights organization Reprieve in 1999.

The Reverend Dr Hannah Cleugh

Hannah studied through and then got her PhD from Oxford – she’ll be writing about language in Religion, Philosophy and translation of, for example, the Bible. She is currently the Senior Chaplain to the Bishop of Ely, and gives sermons across the county, including in the beautiful Ely Cathedral.

Oleksii Gruscenco

Oleksii, also known as Alexei, is a Ukrainian and Russian Language Expert who speaks 14 languages ranging from functional to fluent. He was top of his class while studying his master’s in Business Administration, and also studied in the department of French philosophy. Currently living in Brno, Czech Republic. His interests include linguistics, studying foreign languages, reading books, writing stories and poems, travel, international economy, politics, and ethnography.

Tim Hedger

Tim is a History graduate from London School of Economics and, after a peripatetic career as an EFL teacher, he ran an English language school in Cambridge. He sold his business in 2016. He will be writing about the use of language in Modern History and Socio-Economics, particularly in Modern Europe and China. Tim married Cecilia from Recife in 2015 and, these days, his time is divided between Brazil and the UK, taking care of family-related properties.

Tullia Leone

Tullia is an Italian linguist. The pursuit of language studies led her to leave her native Reggio Calabria, in the south of Italy, and brought her to Rome, Milan and Durham, where she did some research for her master’s thesis on Bible translation. She specialized in medical translation and worked as a translator and interpreter for several years, interspersed with irrepressible bouts of teaching wherein she would – lovingly – vex her pupils with Anglo-Saxon poetry and, of course, Shakespeare. Tullia's interests include reading, drawing and travelling, and she has always had a profound admiration for those who learned to play a musical instrument properly.

Yazid Haroun

Yazid has recently completed a PhD in Translation Studies at Durham University. His current research focuses on the operation of ideology at the level of Qur’an translation in the process of political mobilization. He is particularly interested in what a focus on ideology and religion can bring to understanding the notion of translation as a social activity.

Daisy Walker

Daisy is Translation in Action Magazine’s editor-in-chief, compiling pieces for each issue from our myriad of contributors and ensuring absolute quality. She works as an English copywriter and designer, specialising in infographics and campaigns, as well as illustrating book covers. She also has a degree in Illustration from the University of Lincoln. Her hobbies include writing and reading fiction, drawing and cinema, and her favourite things mostly involve art, cocktails and cats.

Paul Mangell

Paul graduated from Exeter University with an MA in Modern Literature and Philosophy. Paul continues to write poetry, prose and scripts for performance, and runs a Not-For-Profit Theatre company (Strange Fruit TC) which also fundraises for multiple causes. Having lived in Barcelona for many years, Paul also is an avid reader, and translator, of modern Spanish and Catalan poetry.

Ilia Scortariu

Ilia is a Chinese-English Games translator and former LQA tester. In his spare time, Ilia enjoys traveling, photography, playing the piano, and Chinese food (the spicier the better). Follow him on Instagram, where he attempts to show the world the beautiful and interesting sights Cambridge, UK has to offer.